Havas Village Zurich: With Lidl, you don't have to do without anything

In times of inflation, shopping at Lidl Switzerland is all the more worthwhile. With a new campaign implementation, Lidl Switzerland and Havas show that best quality does not have to be expensive and that people do not have to do without anything.

Inflation makes life more expensive in many areas and people receive fewer services and products for their money. People or households that have to calculate tightly suddenly can no longer afford certain good things. But this does not have to be the case.

Even though the price level is currently increasing nationally and worldwide, Lidl wants to offer its customers the best prices. The fact that you can get the fullest shopping cart for a 50 note at Lidl Switzerland is also shown by K-Tipp in a current price comparison on the subject of saving during inflation.

The new price/performance content is part of the ≪Typically Lidl≫ quality campaign and will be continued in the same campaign style as the Campaign content published in early 2022 on the topics of Swiss products, regionality, freshness and assortment diversity at Lidl Switzerland.

The campaign will be played out from July 2022 across media and channels such as TV, OLV, online/social, billboards, ads, POS and more, showing that you don't have to do without anything at Lidl - whether you're a retiree, student or family.

Responsible at Lidl Switzerland: Raphael Werner (Head of Marketing), Nathalie Forrer (Department Manager Marketing), Nicolas Cadonau (Senior Manager Marketing). Responsible at Havas: Claudia Sigg (Senior Account Director), Patrick Beeli (Creative Director), Dominik Brülisauer (Senior Copywriter), Olivia Schläpfer (Senior Art Director), Helen Ingold (Junior Art Director), Sophie Güntensperger (Junior Copywriter), Nick Sohl (Polygraf), Dominik Cattaneo (Motion and Multimedia Developer), Oliver Nater (Account Director Media), Katharina Frede (Digital Planner), Marcela Hänel (Account Manager Media), Isabel Iacono (TV Planner), Marcel Benz (Strategy Director). Film production: Manifesto, Reto Salimbeni (director). Photography: Cyrill Matter.

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