Studio Marcus Kraft: Unicorns and floating people for Zurich Theater Spektakel

The Zurich Theater Spektakel is back in its usual format this year. Studio Marcus Kraft has once again designed a striking campaign. At the center are surreal illustrations by Maïté Marque.

Zürcher Theater SpektakelThis year, more than a dozen stages will host theater, dance and performance performances from all continents of the world. After two reduced editions of the festival due to Corona, the Festivals the street art and the entire catering business will return to the Landiwiese.

Paris-based illustrator Maïté Marque has translated images of productions from the festival program into her visual language, which is characterized by bold colors in sometimes unconventional combinations - colorful childhood memories of the Dominican Republic. Marque picks up on the color palettes from back then in her current work as an illustrator and graphic designer, which is evident in her distinctive style - and, of course, in this year's festival appearance.Zürcher Theater Spektakel

"The subjects created by Maïté Marque are a perfect fit for Zurich's Theater Spektakel: her incredible sense of color and form, coupled with a drawing style all her own, make the illustrator's surreal work unmistakable," says art director and designer Marcus Kraft.

Zürcher Theater Spektakel

Responsible at the Zurich Theater Spektakel: Sarah Wendle, Veit Kälin, Matthias von Hartz (co-lead); Intr, Remo Bitzi & Marc Schwegler (Head of Communications); Cynthia Domfe (Marketing & Head of Campaign). Concept, art direction and design: Studio Marcus Kraft. Illustrations: Maïté Marque. Layout: Michel Fries. Web development: Highfive.

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