Contexta realizes new Pfadi national camp song

The new Pfadi national camp song for Pfadibewegung Schweiz PBS and Valais/Wallis Promotion VWP was conceived by Contexta, written by Bligg and filmed in Valais.


Based on a concept by Contexta, Bligg has written a song for the national Pfadi camp in Valais. The co-production by Bligg, PBS and VWP is intended to convey the conviction that mountains can be moved together for a better world. The three song co-producers start with themselves instead of preaching, inspire and give hope that it is not too late for climate change.

The occasion is BULA in Goms, the largest scout camp ever held in Switzerland. From 23 July to 6 August 2022, over 30,000 Scouts will discover the Valais, make friends for life and learn how to treat the environment with care.

Among other things, the Valais is Switzerland's alpine water battery. An important milestone on our way to climate neutrality in 2050. With the Goms Water Days, this renewable energy, which is abstract in everyday life, is to be brought closer to young people in a playful way on the camp site.

The Pfadi national camp song has a special meaning for Bligg - he himself was a scout and activist for a long time. Environmental commitment has always been close to Marc Sway's heart, which was noticeably evident in his earlier lyrics. The Pfadi national camp song "Berge versetze" is also the last of the music project.

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