Agence Trio creates youth campaign "Enjoy by Raiffeisen

Agence Trio accompanies Raiffeisen in the youth campaign 2022 "Enjoy by Raiffeisen". The 360-degree measures are divided into four axes and are designed to appeal to the younger generation. The aim is to make the banking sector compatible with Generation Z.

Enjoy by Raiffeisen

By investing in "FinTok", Raiffeisen and Agence Trio want to attract the attention of young people on the playful platform TikTok, which is familiar to them. This is how EnjoyMediaa new medium with videos about definitions, advice, and the decoding of current topics, all related to the world of finance. At the same time, young employees of Raiffeisen, but also influencers with a high profile on TikTok, serve as mouthpieces.

Enjoy by Raiffeisen" capsule collection

The creation of a capsule collection consisting of a tote bag, a bob and a T-shirt branded "Enjoy by Raiffeisen" is the second strategic communication action to target a young audience interested in clothing trends.

The capsule collection was created together with two well-known Gen Z influencers - Leo Monferini and Liana Arnelas. To meet the ecological and ethical concerns of the young generation, the collection is certified organic and sustainable. These accessories and clothing are available to anyone who opens a youth account with Raiffeisen.

An influencing mix for greater visibility

Raiffeisen's 2022 youth campaign was accompanied by influencing activities to increase the visibility of the collection and the medium. The mobilized Influencer:innen are active not only on TikTok, but also on YouTube and Twitch.

Newly designed presence at events

After two years of pandemic without events, Raiffeisen is to meet the young generation at booths at various events in which Raiffeisen participates. For this purpose, a playful concept, where games and creativity meet in different modules, was developed and integrated into different booth sizes. With "Espace Quiz", a room is set up where people can play with different participants to answer the most absurd questions. With "Espace Creation", a space is developed where T-shirts can be created and printed with personalized designs. In addition, there are traditional photobooths where the boys can take pictures of themselves and print the photos.

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