EKZ makes green electricity tangible with Art.I.Schock

Electricity is invisible. The environmentally friendly production anyway. EKZ wants to change that and makes a comparison with organically produced or fairly traded fruits and vegetables for a better understanding. EKZ was advised and supported by Art.I.Schock.


Green electricity is nothing more than the organic carrot or the Fairtrade banana for the wall socket. At least that's what EKZ says in a recently launched 360-degree campaign in Wädenswil. The campaign was designed to improve understanding of the natural power products that have been available nationwide since last year. In the process, an ecological upgrade can be purchased for the entire household or just for individual areas such as the kitchen or home office.

EKZ, as one of the largest energy suppliers in Switzerland, relied on the already high awareness for organically or at least regionally produced products when purchasing food. For this purpose, Art.I.Schock developed four summery subjects with fruits and vegetables.

In addition to direct mailings, small posters, landing pages, social media posts and online ads, the core of the campaign was two on-site campaigns to get in direct contact with the population. The highlight of these visits to the market and the lido was a smoothie bike that interested people could use to generate their own electricity. EKZ plans to carry out the campaign at other locations as well.


Responsible at EKZ: Nathalie Pfister (Sales Funnel Manager/CX Manager), Mattias Gienal (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Art.I.Schock: Sylvia Brüggemann (conception), Nadine van den Berg (consulting, project management), Lukas Koller (graphics), Tanja Richli (graphics).

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