Brinkertlück and BLKB intentionally let invest in absolute junk

With the rather unusual statement "Why don't you invest in absolute junk?", Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank BLKB and Brinkertlück advertise the global sustainability fund.

BLKBAlthough the headline gives pause at first, it quickly becomes clear why it fits into the current campaign. It's about investments in renewable energies, plants in the recycling industry, companies that promote the circular economy, and companies that assume ethical, social, and ecological responsibility - in other words, investments in scrap or things that no one needs anymore. 

Sustainability is already an economic driver with highly attractive investment opportunities and will undoubtedly become stronger and stronger as a growth market. However, the new fund "BLKB-LO Fonds Future Shift" is not only a logical next step for BLKB, but also an expression of the cantonal bank's expertise, values and responsibility, according to the bank's own statements.

The sustainability fund campaign started with a moving image strategy on digital channels and was complemented by an out-of-home campaign.


Responsible at BLKB: Jutta Langlotz, Francesco Vazzano, Yves Ekmann (main responsibility). Responsible at Karlie (branding): Sarah Martin. Responsible Agency: Brinkertlück Switzerland.

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