Franz&René realizes launch campaign for Sustainable Switzerland

Sustainability raises questions - and Bern-based agency Franz&René poses some of them on behalf of the NZZ's national sustainability initiative Sustainable Switzerland. No final answers are given, but open exchange is encouraged on the new dialog platform.

Sustainable Switzerland"Are Swiss April strawberries more sustainable than Spanish April strawberries? Do sustainable companies attract better skilled workers? Is sustainability a luxury? Has the wind changed in electricity supply? Can sustainability be outsourced in companies? Do men have a higher carbon footprint than women?" These are six of the questions raised as part of the trilingual launch campaign for Sustainable Switzerland. On the one hand in print ads, on the other as online banners - other subjects are to follow.

The advertising presence of the new national sustainability initiative of the NZZ and partners from business and science was conceived and realized by the Bern agency Franz&René. "The idea itself is deliberately relatively simple. What makes it special is the way it is teased. This is made up of the tonality of the questions to elicit a reaction from the readers. In addition, there is a layout that is designed like a headline and is accompanied by small illustrations that fit the theme, so that the content comes across directly and is also visually appealing. In this way, the campaign promotes identity and is recognizable in every publication," explains Valérie Pecalvel, founder and owner of Franz&René.

The somewhat pointed questions posed in the room are intended to stimulate thought and discussion. At the end it is always: "Answers to your questions:". The aim is to draw readers' attention to the dialog platform and also to encourage them to get actively involved - corresponding community features are currently being developed. "It is not our intention to provide final answers, but to promote open exchange - especially since sustainable development is usually not black or white," explains Samuel Wille, theme manager of Sustainable Switzerland. "Sustainability raises questions - and we provide both food for thought and approaches to solutions."

Experts from the Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne and Zurich, two of Sustainable Switzerland's scientific partners, will take a stand on these issues. Jean-Pierre Danthine, Professor at EPFL and Managing Director of the Enterprise of Society Center E4S, a joint venture of the University of Lausanne with IMD and EPFL, will start the discussion. His thesis in response to the question "No more beach vacations until flying without kerosene is a reality?" can be online as of now read. "We can't deny our individual climate responsibility and we need to fly less," he sums up.

Sustainable Switzerland

Responsible at NZZ: Simon Scherrer (Head of Business Development & Marketing NZZone), Pascal Kreder (Project Lead NZZ Ecosystems), Samuel Wille (Theme Manager Sustainable Switzerland), Norman Bandi (Head of NZZ Content Creation), Stefanie Hitz (Marketing Manager Strategy & Research NZZone). Responsible at Franz&René: Valérie Pecalvel (Strategic Direction), Luciano Gerber (Client Service Direction), Cristina Mollard (Senior Consultant), Gianluca Terzini (Art Direction), Aline Windler (Graphic Designer), Maria Chacon (Graphic Designer), Sven Jungo (Illustrator & Motion Designer).

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