Wirz puts the "best Cumulus credit card ever" in the spotlight

To draw attention to the new Cumulus credit card and its benefits, Wirz joined forces with Migros and Migros Bank to launch a large-scale, multi-phase campaign.

The Cumulus credit card is now issued by Migros Bank. Accordingly, the new Cumulus credit card was launched at the beginning of July.

This is how Wirz's campaign works: In the moving image, the old familiar residents of the Migros cosmos advertise the new card. In addition to two TV spots, a handful of online spots were also realized. In five short "cringefluencer" spots, Beat - the single father - tries his hand as an influencer for the new Cumulus credit card. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less success. But always under the highly embarrassed eyes of his daughter Lea.

The moving image formats are flanked by poster sujets, ads, DOOH, bumper ads and display ads.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Kristian Brändle, Giovanna Colucci (Umbrella Brand), Ramona Duss (Cumulus), Simone Blaser (Media). Responsible at Wirz Group: Caspar Heuss, Jannic Mascello, Yannick Schaller, Adrian Busse, Nico Schläpfer, Janina Ulrich (creation); Erasmo Palomba, Magdalena Zbiec (agency producing); Valeria Vuckovic, Carolina Jimenez (consulting); Hinrich Wittern (strategy); Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serrat, Andrea Bosshard, Karin Gartmann, Oliver Fäs, Rahel Signer, Angelo Mabellini (media realization). Responsible at Stories AG (film production): Natascha Vavrina (Director / DOP); Michèle Seligmann (Executive Producer); Chenyi Guo (Producer - Postproduction); Karina Kirschner (Producer); Wolfgang Weigl (Editing); Sara Bosshard (Styling); Peter Scherz (Production Design); Erica Büsser (Make-up); Edoardo Moruzzi (Postproduction).

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