Sir Mary promotes new 20-minute app MyView

Sir Mary promotes the new app function "MyView" for 20 Minutes, which is intended to appeal in particular to the young, social media-savvy target group.

"MyView," the new function in the 20 Minuten app, is designed to help all users in their media consumption habits. The customizable feed and the large story format with swipe mechanics are two of the most striking new features that should be familiar not only to GenZ.

The associated Sir Mary launch campaign dramatizes the individual perspectives within the target group on a wide variety of news outlets. With a fast pace and jumpy imagery, the campaign taps into the hybrid lifestyle of younger generations that oscillates somewhere between real and digital. The campaign makes the core benefit of "MyView" - seeing the world from a perspective that is true to my life - tangible, rather than explaining it didactically.

The campaign started simultaneously with the launch of "MyView" on July 4 and can be seen on digital channels, in the cinema, TVC, as OOH, DOOH as well as in print media. In addition, the spot will be played at all major open airs in Switzerland throughout the summer.

Responsible at 20 minutes: Marco di Bernardo (Chief Technology & Product Officer), Franziska Wiesner (Head of Marketing & Communications), Christoph Hirschbühl (UX/UI Designer), Lorena Beck (Junior Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at Sir Mary: Adrian Merz (Creative Director), Leandro Disler (Art Director), Jodok Meier (Copywriter), Anne Muhl (Strategy Director), Türi Cengiz (Account Director), Nadine Treml (Account Manager) Jelena Vujcic (Account Manager), Daniel Zuberbühler (Overall Responsibility). Responsible at Doity AG: Sascha Pollack (Executive Producer), Björn Dunne (Post Production Supervisor), Philipp Ries, Thomas Meyer (3D Animation), Gianluca Alla (Motion Design). Responsible at Miss Wolf - Digital Production: Tobias Muellhaupt (Managing Director), Stephanie Bucher (Digital Producer), Imre Rajci (Motion Designer).

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