Jung von Matt Limmat refreshes Sympany

Sympany wants to shake up the Swiss insurance market with a colorful, pared-down brand identity, a new claim and an image campaign.

The campaign aims to make it clear that Sympany offers exactly what customers want: "What do people expect from an insurance company? This question was at the center of the development of the new brand identity of the Swiss insurance company Sympany. The answer? "Reliable, uncomplicated help and an offer tailored to one's own needs." That's exactly what Sympany wants to offer its customers - and in doing so, it wants to focus fully on customer orientation. This is achieved with the Sympany Customer Council. The committee, made up of Sympany customers and insurance experts, examines proposals for the design of documents and the comprehensibility of information letters.

Because the customer council is the best proof of consistent customer orientation and thus perfectly represents Sympany, it is the focus of the first joint image campaign by Sympany and Jung von Matt, in which the new brand identity developed by Jung von Matt also makes its debut.

The image campaign comprises various TVC and online spots and is accompanied by an eye-catching OOH campaign with a lot of wordplay. The spots, which will be on air from the beginning of July, give viewers a tongue-in-cheek and not entirely serious insight into the Customer Council's discussions - for example, on annual targets, formulations or new digital offerings. The Customer Council ensures that Sympany's customers are always - according to the newly developed claim - "really well insured. The central message of the headlines: At Sympany, demand and supply are a perfect match, like Cinderella's foot and her lost shoe, or your children's crayons and your neighbors' parquet flooring.

Diverse, colorful, but without frippery

The brand redesign impresses with a fine revision of the well-known Sympany logo while retaining the characteristic circle element. The visual appearance was expanded by means of a concise color palette that can be combined in a variety of ways. A flexible layout system allows the brand presence to be played out precisely on all touchpoints. The new appearance is rounded off by the claim "Richtig gut versichert".

Sympany now wants to communicate to the outside world what has long been true inside: "Concise, uncomplicated insurance advice and services without frippery. But always as diverse and colorful as the customers themselves.

"With the new brand identity and image campaign, we succeed in staging the Sympany brand in a customer-centric, humorous and visually differentiating way," says Judith Lanz of Sympany.

Responsible at Sympany: Judith Lanz (Head of Marketing), Simone Stucki (Marketing Specialist), Michaela Emmenegger (Marketing Specialist), Olivier Perruchoud (Branding & Market Development), Boris Jacklowsky (Head of Products & Marketing). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Dominique Magnusson, Jacqueline Rufener (Creative Direction), Tobias Peters, Linus Konetschnig, Sophia Kramer (Text), Sebastian Danielsson, Mutasin Grabenhorst, Chantal Ehrensberger (Art Direction), Ayleen Friedrich, Sarina Pruschy (Graphic Design), Christian Omlin, Philipp Siegenthaler (Strategy), Marianne Sauter, Sara Hirt (Consulting), Luitgard Hagl (Executive Creative Director), Dennis Hofmann (Executive Strategic Director), Nick Schoberth (Executive Client Director). Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Dr. Thomas Deigendesch (Strategy), Christina Widmann (Creative Direction), Pablo Scheidegger, Markus Wohlhüter, Monica Bühlmann (Design), Alessandra Bally (Consulting). Responsible at Jung von Matt Play: Natascha Imfeld (Agency Producing). External partners:inside: blish: Jlona Kopf, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Chiara Killer, Desirée Lanz (media realization). Stories: Micha Lewinsky (Director), Michèle Seligmann (Executive Producer), Jan Mettler (DoP), Adrian Frutiger (Music), Philippa von Wittgenstein (Line Producer), Peter Scherz (Art Department), Patrizia Jäger (Styling). Film animation: Foreal. Media: Publicis Media. Further development of corporate design / implementations: OSW Oswald Siegfried Advertising Agency. Events and Promotions: Adcom Live Marketing.

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