Jung von Matt Limmat for Lucerne Festival: Wedding March for All

The Lucerne Festival is all about diversity this summer. Jung von Matt communicates this to the audience with an online sales activation, radio spots and a PR stunt. The event kicked off on Friday with a special moment for newly married same-sex couples.

Lucerne FestivalSince Friday, same-sex couples are allowed to get married in Switzerland. And thus also officially sound Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" for the first time. This morning, a 30-piece Lucerne Festival orchestra surprised newly married same-sex couples in front of the Zurich registry office with the "Wedding March for All". Under the direction of conductor Kirsten Milenko, the musicians from all over the world provided emotional moments for the wedding parties present.

Lucerne Festival

Old civil law books as sheet music

That the "Wedding March" now really applies to everyone is to be shown by the score that the conductor used for the piece: marriage passages for exclusively heterosexual couples from the Civil Code book were used in snippets as a basis to create new paper. Felix Mendessohn Bartholdy's composition was then printed on it. Michael Haefliger, artistic director of Lucerne Festival, who himself tore up the pages, said: "We are very pleased that we can make our motto 'Diversity' audible and also tangible on this important day."

Lucerne Festival

The campaign thus heralds a comprehensive online sales and radio campaign for Lucerne Festival, whose summer festival will take place in Lucerne from August 8 to September 11, 2022. With the motto "Diversity", the festival is setting an example for equal opportunities regardless of skin color, gender, religion, social origin or sexual orientation.

Online, the campaign's messages aim to show the audience the experience of seeing a top classical music star live at an unbelievable price. Instead of artists' names, interesting facts about the musicians and pieces of music are advertised. Thus, it is not a ticket for the Vienna Philharmonic or the London Symphony Orchestra that is advertised, but an orchestra for which even the royals stand in line or a piece that was composed in Lucerne and then became famous worldwide. On the other hand, orchestral highlights are used on the radio and on Spotify that end abruptly just before the climax to make the target group want to keep listening.

Cognitive Biases

With this approach, the campaign mechanics rely on Bias-based Creativity, an approach developed by Jung von Matt and HSG (Werbewoche.ch reported). The potential confusion of the extensive program is deliberately countered by a reduction in the complexity of decision-making. At the same time, the reduced information available stimulates curiosity about the festival program.

The campaign is running now. It is being managed by the media experts at Jung von Matt Impact, who are relying on data-driven targeting to achieve the greatest possible relevance for the target group.

Responsible at Lucerne Festival: Michael Haefliger (Artistic Director Lucerne Festival), Bettina Jaggi (Head of Marketing and Digital Development), Danièle Gross (Commercial Director), Nina Steinhart (Head of Press and Public Relations), Christiane Weber (Head of Artistic Office), Jovana Bozic (Marketing and Digital Development Staff), Anna-Barbara Rothen (Marketing and Digital Development Staff), Katharina Schillen (Press and Public Relations Staff). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Dominique Magnusson (Creative Direction), Frederik Dreyer, Elif Soysal (Text), Nicole Vizcardo, Sebastian Danielsson (Art Direction), Mutasin Grabenhorst (Animation), Ayleen Friedrich (Graphic Design), Christian Omlin, Joséphine Ducret (Strategy), Michel Nellen (concept/implementation PR), Fabienne Weidmann (consulting), Vera Riemeier (executive project director, overall responsibility), Nathalie Eggen (executive empowerment director), Luitgard Hagl (executive creative director), Wolfgang Bark (executive creative director). Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact: Ladina Baumann, Jean-Paulo Chaveiro (Media Planning), Dominik Habermacher (Managing Director). External partners:inside: Film Tannery (film), Smartec (stage construction).

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