Farner brings the fascination of aviation to life for Swissport

Farner Consulting implements an international recruitment campaign with a focus on social for Swissport. The focus is on the fascination for the world of aviation.


Ground handling and air freight logistics provider Swissport International operates at 285 airports around the world. With the dynamic recovery of air traffic after the Corona pandemic, Swissport faces the challenge of finding tens of thousands of new employees around the world within a very short time.

Chris Rayner, Chief People Officer at Swissport International AG: "At Swissport, we are proud to be able to offer exciting jobs in aviation. We were able to convey this very effectively with our video clips on social media."

Together with Swissport's communications team, led by Christoph Meier, Farner implemented a flexible recruitment campaign that primarily uses videos on social media to address the appropriate target groups around airports. The short films are intended to provide authentic insights into the working worlds surrounding flight operations. The campaign deliberately plays on the unbroken fascination of aviation. It translates everyday situations and elements of "ordinary" working life into the world of aviation - from small talk and the company car to the morning team meetings and trouble shooting. In this way, the crucial difference between normal jobs and working at the airports of this world becomes apparent.

The videos will be played out by Farner around the globe, country by country and airport by airport, over the spring and summer of 2022. In the UK, Ireland and the US, the first target markets, the social media campaign generated more than 3,000 applications in just four weeks. In the next phase, Farner will roll out the campaign in Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

Responsible at Swissport International: Christoph Meier (Head of Communications & Brand Management), Maria Künzi (Communications Manager). Responsible at Farner Consulting: Kurt Rossi (Client Lead), Elena Fuchs (Project Management), Philipp Skrabal (Creative Direction), Mathias Kröbl (Art Direction), Lukas Günter, Alina Leiendecker, Nadine Schuler, Eva Witschi (Digital Campaign Management), Aleksandar Sofranac (Motion Design).

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