Heads and the Zurich museums inspire creativity

Together with two photography classes of the Zurich School of Design, Heads developed subjects for the activation campaign "Stell dich aus." for the Zurich Museums Association VZM.

Stell dich aus

Under the claim "You belong in a museum." Heads 2021 launched a campaign for the Zurich Museums Association. Now Heads is turning it into an activation campaign for Zurich's museums this summer. Under the slogan "Stell dich aus." museum visitors are motivated to put themselves in the spotlight in Zurich's countless museums.

To give the activation momentum, the agency cooperated with two photography classes at the Schule für Gestaltung Zürich and sent the budding graphic designers out on the runway. Barbara Keller from the Schule für Gestaltung was sure that good subjects would emerge: "This is a century-old class at our school."

According to Heads, highly creative subjects were indeed created. Six of them will be used in the campaign, the others will be published on Instagram under #stelldichaus. Marco Simonetti, Head of Design at Heads: "We were impressed by the variety of good subjects that left us spoilt for choice. But we were particularly pleased with the very different perspectives and approaches that were found - after all, it's precisely the great diversity that makes up what Zurich's museums have to offer."

Stell dich aus Stell dich aus Stell dich aus Stell dich aus Stell dich aus

Responsible at Verein Zürcher Museen: Brigitt Wehrli-Schindler (President), Nicole Mayer (Managing Director). Responsible on the agency side: Ralph Hermann (strategy, concept), Marco Simonetti (creative direction), Simone Raubach (strategy, consulting), Roman von Arx (realization), Dominique Kaiser (graphics - as a graphics trainee at Heads, link to the photography class at the School of Design).

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