Dynamite realizes campaign "Dübi schaut hin" for city of Dübendorf

With "Dübi schaut hin", the Zug-based agency Dynamite is launching a campaign for the town of Dübendorf with the aim of raising awareness among the population on the issues of violence, vandalism and littering.

Dübi schaut hin

Due to the increase in crimes, most of which are committed at night in the dark, all physical assaults such as pushing, hitting or kicking must be addressed. When public or private property is damaged, smeared with graffiti or completely destroyed, the need to create sensitivity within the community increases.

For Dynamite, the biggest challenge was to communicate three aspects - violence, vandalism and littering - in a single campaign that would appeal to citizens in an authentic and credible way.

In order to achieve this and to have a broader impact, the gesture "I'm watching you" becomes the main statement in which the citizen:s themselves can participate. The citizens of Dübendorf - individually or in small groups - show this gesture and appear as protagonists of the campaign "Dübi schaut hin" and as exemplary persons within the city as well as with its influence. On flyers, posters, the website and in social media, teachers, coaches and local football players spread their message.

And apparently with success: An analysis shows that more and more Dübendorfer:innen are actively participating in what is happening. For this reason, the public was asked to set an example with their own "I'm watching you" gesture. For the communication of "Dübi schaut hin", measures for OOH, trade fairs, flyers, website and social media were implemented.

Dübi schaut hin Dübi schaut hin Dübi schaut hin Dübi schaut hin Dübi schaut hin Dübi schaut hin Dübi schaut hin

Responsible at the city of Dübendorf: Alexandra Fink (Public Space Officer). Responsible at Dynamite: Roger Bosshart (consulting), Ralitsa Ruseva (art direction/photography), Nuru Oertli (graphics/photography), Urs Zwyssig (text).

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