Madonna: CD and campaign for Crick implemented

With award-winning photographic material by Roshan Adhihetty, Crick presents its new snack made from cricket powder. Madonna implemented the cheeky and uninhibited campaign - and is also responsible for the appearance.

Behind Crick are three idealists from Zurich who want to make their contribution to sustainable and reflective nutrition. "We are convinced ecologists, shopping consciously was no longer enough for us. We want to make the world a bit healthier and more sustainable," says co-founder Philipp Egli. The ultimate goal is to bring a fresh and uninhibited contribution to the sometimes tense ecology and nutrition debate. "Ecology is just not only tedious, but can also be attractive," adds Raphael Hanimann, co-founder and CEO of Crick.

To capture the uniqueness of the insect snack Crick, Zurich-based agency Madonna created a print and online campaign using special material. The photographs are from Roshan Adhihetty's Nude Wanderer series, which won the 2018 Swiss Photo Award in the "Free" category.

The agency is also responsible for the naming, corporate design and packaging design of Crick. The appearance is based on the basic geometric shapes triangle, circle and square, which form the basis for an abstracted cricket - the trademark - and are used consistently across all communication media.

Responsible at Insekterei GmbH (Crick): Lea Egli, Philipp Egli, Raphael Hanimann (Founder/Managing Director). Responsible at Madonna: Massimiliano Madonna (Concept/Consulting/Strategy), Julian Huber (Art Direction - Campaign) Tanja Rickli (Online - Campaign), Urs Zwyssig (Text - Campaign), Isabella Furler (Art Direction - CD), Eva Jäger (Graphics - CD). Photography: Roshan Adhihetty (campaign), Hans Schürmann (CD).

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