Stämpfli Kommunikation for Insel Group: "Working with the best".

The employer branding campaign "Working with the Best" is designed to position the Insel Group with authentic faces as an attractive employer that offers a wide range of career opportunities in a challenging environment.

Stämpfli Kommunikation für Insel GruppeThe campaign, which will last several months, will focus on the nursing professions in the first phase; later it will portray other specialists.

The Insel Group says that it too is feeling the effects of the labor shortage. It is also mastering the current challenges because its dedicated employees are performing exceptionally well. Nevertheless, the Insel Group needs new, additional employees in order to ensure comprehensive healthcare for patients in the medium and long term and to maintain its position as Switzerland's leading hospital group for university and integrated medicine.

The campaign with the claim "Working with the best" shows 18 of these best, who share their real experiences and perceptions from everyday working life - unadulterated and also emotional. The campaign can be seen primarily in the canton of Bern on large-scale posters, information screens and buses. It will also be disseminated on digital channels. The close-ups of the employees create authentic proximity and at the same time testify to their identification with the Insel Group. "We deliberately chose a very human approach because it testifies to the high level of commitment of our best," says Simon Schmid, Head of Marketing at the Insel Group, about the basic idea and design of the campaign. "The campaign is designed to make the quality of our employees visible, while attracting new talent with similar skills and ambitions."

Website with testimonials

The heart of the employer branding campaign is the website The site features all the testimonials of the campaign with their authentic insights into their everyday working lives in pictures and videos. In particular, the site offers potential future employees the opportunity to express their interest in working for the Insel Group with just a few clicks and without administrative hurdles.

Overall responsibility at Insel Gruppe AG: Simon Schmid (Head of Marketing) and Michael Dürig (Art Director). Responsible at Stämpfli Kommunikation: Rolf Loepfe (Head of Communications Agency, Member of the Executive Board), Benjamin Scheurer (Art Director), Joël Hummel (Head of Consulting), Audrey Arnold (Senior Consultant), Moana Christoph (Consultant). Responsible for photography: Werner Tschan, Studio LTD. Responsible for media planning: Silvana Maucioni, bubbly gmbh.

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