Farner advertises CH Media subscriptions with glacé balls and crowded swimming pools

Farner developed a digital campaign for CH Media to boost digital subscription sales of its paid newspapers. Four stories are designed to pick up readers in their everyday summer lives.

The digital campaign with the slogan "Summer will be beautiful" runs until the beginning of August 2022 and promotes subscriptions to nine regional newspapers from CH Media. . The campaign is intended to encourage potential readers to take out a digital subscription. Readers who take out an annual subscription will receive two months free.

Creative central idea with a wink of the eye

Summer, sun, bathing fun and always in a good mood? Although for many people it's the most beautiful season of the year, even the best summer is not always without its mishaps. For example, crowded swimming pools can sometimes turn into a spitfire, ice cream cones can fall off the waffle, or sunbathing on the balcony can be spoiled by the neighbor's barbecue smoke.

The creative central idea: "Thanks to CH Media's subscription campaign, summer will still be beautiful, because readers will stay well informed." It is implemented in two phases: In the first phase, potential readers are made aware of the promotion with four short animated illustrations that pick them up in their everyday summer life. Stories will be played out as social ads, animated HTML banners, and Google Display and Discovery for nine regional newspapers from CH Media.

Testing Behavioral Framings in Retargeting

To encourage readers to take out a subscription, two retargeting messages are played out in the second phase using A/B testing. One message focuses on the two free months of reading, while the second message focuses on the financial savings. The campaign has been running since the end of May and will continue until the beginning of August for the following CH Media regional newspapers: Aargauer Zeitung, Badener Tagblatt, bz, Solothurner Zeitung, Grenchner Tagblatt, Oltner Tagblatt, Limmattaler Zeitung, Luzerner Zeitung and St. Galler Tagblatt.

Responsible CH Media: Zaira Imhof, Michelle Pinnow, Mario Markovic, Jeff Helfenberger, Claudia Jenni, Vanessa Palumbo, Binnaz Bektas Aksüyek , Stefan Zellweger. Responsible Farner: Mucho von der Goltz, Aven Lim, Mathias Kröbel, Jan Walser, Hanja Heuss, Philipp Skrabal, Daniel Jörg.

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