Spots from Guave: WoG employee Bruno spills secrets

The Zurich-based company Guave Motion developed three advertising clips as a series called "Bruno's Adventures" for the online store World of Games. The focus is on the enthusiastic WoG employee Bruno, who films the magical secrets of WoG's success with his camera and spills the beans.


The audience is taken on a journey behind the scenes of the family business by employee Bruno. In the process, the film produced by Guava Motion The series of commercials designed by World of Games GmbH highlights the company's uniqueness on the Swiss market. For example, viewers experience the broad product range, from highly anticipated new releases to hard-to-find niche products. 

"The challenge was to highlight qualities of our client in the individual videos, on the other hand, the clips should also work as a series and be expandable. That's how we came up with the idea of the employee Bruno, who takes us on an in-house tour like in the V-Log," says Annina Weiss, Creative Producer at Guave Motion. 

In addition to the quirky character Bruno, the magical happenings provide another thread for the series: The logistics department is supernaturally fast, the product selection is endless, and the newly released games even come from a future portal. The visual effects produced for this by Guave Motion round off the commercials.

For these spots, Guave Motion took over the complete concept and production. Concept, direction, camera and the visual effects came from the studio's four-person creative team for film and animation.

Responsible at World of Games: Kayleigh L. Flury (Marketing Manager), Anita Jakob (Social Media Manager). Responsible at Guave Motion: Sergio Herencias (Director, Camera, Producer), David Fritsche (Visual Effects), Guave Motion (Concept), Annina Weiss (Writer), Jonas Rüegg (Voice-Over), Tim Böckle (Setaudio), Stefan Nobir (Audio)

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