Studio Thom Pfister creates new look for instant coffee from Haco

The new appearance is intended to show that Haco in Gümligen is the place to be when it comes to unique instant coffee products.



For over 60 years, the food industry worldwide has been supplied with coffee extracts in dried form or as liquid concentrate from Switzerland. Haco's customers include companies such as Starbucks, Migros, Lavazza, HORS and Illy.

Studio Thom Pfister was commissioned by HACO Custom-Made Coffee with the conception and implementation of a new, independent appearance. The result is "HACO - The House of Coffee". An exclusive sample box in red and gold was realized with four newly developed instant coffee varieties, a Landing page and an image film.

Responsible at HACO: Dominik Büchel (Director Marketing & Sales), Ermin Causevic (Head of Sales Retail), David Ingold (Head of R&D/Process Engineer Coffee & Tea). Responsible at Studio Thom Pfister: Thom Pfister (Creative Director, Idea/Concept), Ursula Rytz (Consulting), Roland Zenger (Art Director), Daniel Hackiewicz (Graphic Design & Web Development). Production sample box: PEG Kartonagen, Pascal Seifert.

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