High-voltage positioned Swisscanto and Asset Management of ZKB "#nachhaltigfit".

Zürcher Kantonalbank is repositioning its Swisscanto product brand and at the same time its asset management. The mandate has been awarded to the Zurich advertising agency Hochspannung, which has already developed and helped shape Swisscanto's image.

The central content implementation idea of the new campaign is based on the strategic orientation of Zürcher Kantonalbank and Swisscanto: namely to invest sustainably and fitly worldwide in attractive markets and thus to create added value for customers and society.

The result is a sporty, sustainable and multi-layered campaign in which coaches from a wide variety of fields support their trainees in becoming better and thus fitter - whether in ice climbing, snow kiting, tango dancing or other sporting disciplines.

The campaign was launched in April with a hero spot on various sports areas under the slogan "#nachhaltigfit investieren" (#sustainably fit investing) and has since been seen online and offline in a wide variety of forms and media. Further product-specific individual campaigns on investment areas and investment topics have already been pre-produced and are being planned.

Responsible at Hochspannung Advertising Agency Zurich: Alexander Taiganidis, Matthew Katumba, Fritz Kreis, Tanja Kongolo, Monika Jagodzinski, Marie Fredericq, Levin Dos Santos Pinto, Johannes Jordan, Sophie Graf, Rémy Vetsch, David Luisi, directed by Rainer Binz. Responsible at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Angela Baumann, Dominik Streich, Danijela Erni and Sandro Moccetti.


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