Home Zurich: SME Storytelling for Die Post

Fast-paced stories about the everyday life of various SMEs: Swiss Post wants to position itself as a dynamic service provider in the everyday life of a Switzerland on the move.

The campaign revolves around unexpected turns, following the motto: "Whatever needs these lead to - the mail is there."

With the Group strategy "Tomorrow's Post", Swiss Post is continuously developing. An important prerequisite for this is the perceived relevance of Swiss Post. Aiming at this perception, Swiss Post's communication strategy defines a respective focus in different phases. While the previous strategy phases focused on Swiss Post as a company that is close at hand and then on the individual everyday needs of the Swiss, Swiss Post is now focusing on its key role for SMEs. There are over 500,000 of these small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland, which means they account for over 99% of all companies. They provide indispensable services for their customers and are employers for a large part of the population. Swiss Post is an important partner in the everyday life of SMEs. The new image campaign is dedicated to this role. It was developed and implemented by Heimat Zürich. The agency was mandated as the new lead agency last year after a multi-stage pitch.

Four stories of people and their very different SMEs

The campaign positions Swiss Post as a provider of a wide range of services and products that support Swiss SMEs in their daily lives and development. The needs of businesses today change quickly and sometimes unexpectedly. But no matter how things develop, you can always rely on Swiss Post. At the heart of the campaign are four stories of people and their very different SMEs. For example, a trip to the countryside (in the Publicar, the PostBus for sparsely populated areas) leads to a new life plan on a farm with alpacas - or the disbelieving amazement at pointlessly large packaging leads to a start-up by senior citizen friends. Again and again, the twists and turns lead to situations in which Swiss Post's services provide the solution - and thus also enable the story to continue.

The concept does not give the Post its role first or only in a resolution punch line, but makes it the central thread of the stories. On the one hand, this concretizes the positioning as a needs-oriented, future-oriented company. On the other hand, such a mechanic ensures a continuous presence in the means of communication. In this way, even when distracted on second screens or clicked away, the post reaches the target groups as the sender and in its role. This is also ensured by the fast narrative style of the films with moving camera work practically throughout. The films were directed by Alex Feil and produced by Pumpkin. The films were shot at numerous locations throughout Switzerland.

The campaign's stories and language style form the basis for a broadly activatable communication platform. In addition to films on TV and online, the campaign also includes Instagram Stories, digital Out of Home, and a range of other measures for digital and analog contact points. The communication platform will continue to be used in the coming months, for example to communicate strategic positioning issues.

Responsible at the post office: Alexander Fleischer, Christina Buck, Tatjana Meichtry, Christian Perrella, Michel Sulser. Creative agency: Home Zurich. Directed by Alex Feil. Production: Pumpkin. Media agency: Havas.


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