Notch for Suva: "It's all not so hard" - with Fabian Unteregger

Suva's new campaign uses humor and lightness to break down fears of contact and takes the horror out of a difficult subject.


Accident victims are suddenly torn away from their normal environment and are often left to fend for themselves in hospital. Relatives, friends and colleagues are particularly important to them. But facing an injured person for the first time is not easy for many. For them, Suva offers a landing page with helpful behavioral tips that give them concrete options for action.

In order to establish the Landinpage as the content hub of the large-scale, existing "Return to Work" campaign, the page was redesigned along with all the tips presented there. Furthermore, an attention-grabbing concept was developed to generate traffic - not only on the website, but also at the hospital beds. The main focus was therefore on reducing fear of contact and taking the fear out of this difficult topic.

For this purpose, short, humorous street interviews were created together with the physician and comedian Dr. med. Fabian Unteregger, all of which refer to Suva's behavioral tips and each of which ends with a concrete tip and the campaign sentence "It's all not so hard".

The campaign launched on May 30, 2022, and the clips and associated teasers can be seen on YouTube and Suva's social media channels.

Responsible at Suva: Marc Winterhalder (Head of Communications), Ralph Heidemann (Communications Consultant); Responsible at Notch: Martin Stauch (Creative Director), Juerg Schäppi (Senior UX Designer), Martin Pfeiffer (Senior UX Architect), Marco Klein (Senior Motion Designer), David Voges (Senior Copywriter), Luciano Hagge Dias (Senior Consultant); Team Prodigious: Realization and Production Consulting, Advertising Production; Fabian Unteregger (Doctor, Comedian and Actor), Ben Leoni (Camera), Lea Stalder (Styling).

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