State campaign aims to discourage young people from smoking

The authorities have launched a new anti-smoking campaign. With the program "Free. Fair. Future.", the government's Tobacco Prevention Fund aims to get children and young people more involved in prevention.

To increase the impact on the target groups, the new program follows a participatory prevention approach, the Tobacco Prevention Fund (TPF) announced. Activities and measures would be developed together with children and young people. Currently, the TPF has a virtual platform designed by children and young people. In the future, this platform should offer space for discussion of the topic.

The TPF is working with prevention actors in civil society for the campaign, the statement added. Existing prevention programs, such as Swiss Olympic's "cool and clean," will also be aligned with the goal of "Free. Fair. Future." in the future. In addition, the TPF would like to encourage as many organizations as possible to join the vision, mission and idea of the new program.

5.5 million per year

The new program is also intended to support the processing of facts and studies, according to the press release. The TPF provided a few such facts at the same time. According to the report, 22.5 percent of 15- to 19-year-olds in Switzerland smoke. Of the adult smokers, two-thirds started smoking before the age of 20.

For "Free. Fair. Future.", the TPF has around CHF 5.5 million available annually - 45 percent of its total budget. The Tobacco Prevention Fund is financed by a levy per pack of cigarettes sold. The fund is managed by a steering body in which various federal offices and other official agencies are represented. (sda.)


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