"Romance is dead": SumUp launches campaign

SumUp's payment system aims to be a reliable partner that helps small businesses manage hard-earned money and the associated payments and processes in the simplest way possible. Under the title "Romance is dead", a campaign for and with small and micro merchants was created in collaboration with the creative agency The Goodwins.

The campaign was designed for SumUp's core markets: Over the next few months, the online and TV spots, associated outdoor advertising and social media measures will be seen in Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain. In Switzerland, the TV spots will go live in June.

A campaign between romance and reality 

The campaign shows the contrast between the often romantic idea of what it's like to be self-employed - often the reality is different. Everyday life is characterized by stress and chaos, but also by the rewarding feeling of success. In terms of content, the campaign in Switzerland focuses on the extensive product range using SumUp card terminals as an example.

"SumUp's new campaign focuses on authenticity. We're not showing a polished location or an ideal image of what it means to be self-employed. Instead, we present a very realistic picture of the everyday life of someone who is self-employed. We show and celebrate the tireless work, dedication, passion and commitment that our traders can identify with in their daily lives," said Michael Schrezenmaier, CEO at SumUp Europe. "For us at SumUp, the focus is always on the traders. In order to be able to reflect this claim, we have to know our merchants very well and understand their needs and problems. That's why we want to support them as much as possible on their journey with the help of our diverse range of business tools and payment solutions, and make sure they can manage their money with ease."

Tim Stübane, Founder and Managing Director Creation at The Goodwins: "From hairdressers to café owners to micro and small retailers - making their lives a little easier and bringing them closer to SumUp is a great pleasure for us. The creative challenge for us was to hit the right nerve of the target group with the integrated campaign in the shortest development time. Thanks to a great team effort by everyone involved, this worked out wonderfully."


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