Mosaiq creates campaign video for Baselland Cantonal Hospital

For the positioning campaign of the Cantonal Hospital Baselland (KSBL), the agency Mosaiq creates a video, in the center is the claim "exactly for you".

With its three locations in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, KSBL offers medical care close to home. With the new claim "exactly for you", KSBL wants to establish a relationship with the people in the region - and show that it is the right choice in every situation. Both the claim and the campaign slogans and story for the animated video are based on the new positioning (vision, mission, values) and were developed by the KSBL's Marketing & Communications team.

For the visualization of the messages, the agency Mosaiq in Egerkingen was involved for the first time. The challenge of integrating seven messages into a one-minute video was solved with an animated video that simplifies the customer journey of Lara, the biker who had the accident, and accompanies it with a somewhat more modern version of the old Baselbieter song.

Responsible at KSBL: Marketing & Communications Team. Responsible at Mosaiq: Joël Karlin (production), Aiden De Rivo (illustration), Reto Spiegel (consulting).

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