Wirz conducts the coziest study in the world for Graubünden Ferien

As part of a digital campaign for Graubünden Ferien, the Zurich agency Wirz uses the absolutely unscientific "Patgific Study" to prove that Graubünden is the most relaxed canton in the world.

"Patgific" [pa'tschi'fig] is the name given in Graubünden to everything that is cozy and deeply relaxed. But the Rhaeto-Romanic word also stands for the inner serenity of the people of Graubünden, with which they take life completely "patgific. Wirz's current digital campaign is now intended to bring the Graubünden attitude to life closer to the rest of Switzerland and further establish the term.

At the center of this is the official "Patgific Study", which is supposed to prove once and for all that Graubünden is the coziest and most relaxing canton in the world. The kicker here is that even the creation of the study was very cozy and completely unscientific. After all, a proper study normally involves months of meticulous work, which would have been too strenuous and not "patgific" enough.

For example, "aifach uf as Bänkli höckla" is given as the measurement methodology used and "gut feeling" as the source. However, the fact that the results and conclusions are not scientifically recognized does not make the study any less true: Everyone is invited to come to Graubünden and see for themselves how relaxed things are in the mountain canton.

The study can be accessed at Graubuenden.ch/en/patgific-study can be downloaded. In it you can also find particularly cozy "Patgific offers" of the destinations Val Surses Savognin Bivio, Vals and the Rhaetian Railway.

The study is being promoted with a series of online videos documenting a "Patgific researcher" doing his - not particularly hard - work.

The findings of the tongue-in-cheek "Patgific study" are published in the form of diagrams and infographics as social ads. In order to complete the full-funnel journey, partner offers are also specifically advertised and optimized for the best possible conversions. The brand lift study accompanying the campaign will also provide insights into how the concept can be sustainably strengthened in the target group.

The always-on campaign kicks off this week and will be deployed primarily on Instagram, Facebook and on Display Ads.

Responsible at Graubünden Ferien: Yves Luetolf (Head of Marketing), Marc Held (Senior Marketing Manager). Responsible at Wirz: Jan Kempter, Evelyn Schellenberg, Björn Bippus, Elena Knecht (creation); Laura Saner (storyline); Magdalena Zbiec (agency producing); Fabian Nold, Nico Keramaris, Janna Löhr (consulting); Hinrich Wittern (strategy); Thomas Peller, Rahel Signer, Eros Montagnani (media realization). Mattogrosso (Film Production): Benjamin Weiss (director); Ramón Königshausen (camera); Annika Fausch (editor); Studio Dobozi (sound studio); Maurice Haas (photographer); Marco Hartmann (image editing). Speed U Up (Media Planning): Ulrich Stauffacher (Account Manager).

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