YES! Creative Digital Marketing rhymes for the Rhaetian Railway

For the Rhaetian Railway, YES! Creative Digital Marketing developed a campaign that draws commuters' attention to the advantages of public transport. For this, the Chur-based agency used the well-known "Alle Kinder" rhymes, which wittily promote a clever form of mobility.

The days of home offices and isolation are over, and many workers are now commuting regularly to the office again. Those who travel to work by public transport not only travel more ecologically, but also save money, time and nerves. To draw attention to these advantages in a humorous way, the Chur-based agency YES! Creative Digital Marketing launched a campaign for the Rhaetian Railway that uses word jokes based on the well-known "Alle Kinder" rhymes.

The various subjects of the slim and easy-to-understand campaign toast the various advantages of public transport. To establish a link to the region, the second half of the rhyme is written in Graubünden German. The call-to-action encourages viewers to find the subscription that suits them best.

"After the significant drop in passengers as a result of the Corona pandemic, we have now returned to something like normality. Most of the employees have returned to their offices and we want to sensitize them in a funny way to use public transport" says Fabio Battaglia, Head of Sales and Market Graubünden at RhB. The campaign is currently being played out in Graubünden via DOOH, ads, passenger TV, display and social ads. The performance campaign is being implemented by the Zurich agency Capture Media.

Responsible at YES! Creative Digital Marketing: Richi Brändli (Concept), Dominik Kurmann (Art Director). Responsible at the Rhaetian Railway: Fabio Battaglia (Head of Sales and Market Graubünden).

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