Digitec campaign from Plan B with a lot of smoke and mirrors

Plan B's latest Digitec TV campaign is about a smoke detector that sounds the alarm. However, the janitor completely misses the reason for the action.

A van with a running engine, masked figures, a cavalier start and a smoke detector beeping away in the underground garage: these are the ingredients for Digitec's new Point of View spot. But not everyone catches the reason for the cinematic scene. Because in the end, a janitor is not annoyed about the robbery, but only about the false alarm of the smoke detector. This film is also based on a real community review and takes a humorous look at the lives of digitec customers from the perspective of the products. The new spot can be seen on TV and in cinemas, as well as in various adaptations on social media channels.

Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Daniel Kobi (Art Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Mariya Alipieva (Project Management & Brand Management), Cédric Feusi (Digital Marketing), Luca Giugliano (Digital Marketing & Media Planning), Anne Chapuis (French Translation). Responsible at Plan B: Chris Niemeyer (director), HC Vogel (producer), Jessica Sonderegger (producer), Rafael Kistler (DoP), Christoph Menzi (set sound), Ioannis Sochorakis (set design), Ursina Schmid (costume), Delia Sciullo (make-up), Aurora Jouffroy - Alleinheit Casting (casting), Frederik Bauer (VFX), Christoph Menzi (edit), Adriel Pfister (grading), sound post production: UKO - The Audio Suite. (pd/tim).

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