Stories realizes moving image campaign for NZZ

The NZZ's new moving image campaign follows on from the repositioning that the company undertook in 2020 with the claim "Journalism. In doing so, the NZZ wants to underscore its self-image of setting the standards in quality journalism.

StoriesThe current Stories campaign for the NZZ builds a bridge to the readership and addresses what triggers journalism and what value it has for users in dealing with the social and political challenges of the present.

At the heart of the campaign is open debate, which in democratic societies must be conducted with tenacity and attitude - but which must also be defended again and again. "When the debate falls silent, speak up" is the main message in the film. Debate falls silent when everyone agrees and the mainstream sets the pace - from climate to identity discussions. "The debate disappears when monuments are toppled and historical oblivion runs rampant. But it also falls silent when a public saturated with peace and prosperity no longer dares to look real and security risks in the face," says Johannes Berchtold, Head Customer Marketing & Branding at NZZ.

The NZZ stands for an open and lively culture of debate, which it itself enlivens and shapes with clear positions. "The present, which is characterized by war, inflation, climate and social change, as well as by the pandemic, cannot be dealt with by suppression, blanking out and prohibitions on thinking. We are addressing this fatal mechanism in the campaign," Berchtold continues.

The film builds on the iconic press image and shows what happens when not the whole picture, but only sections are shown or things are deliberately removed: A new, embellished view emerges. The moving image campaign was conceived and produced by the NZZ together with Stories. "Telling the complexity of today's world on film with the differentiated view of the NZZ within a very short time was a demanding challenge with valuable content," says director Tobias Fueter. "We are proud of the result we achieved together and hope for more debates in the world again."

The Film was first broadcast in a long and various short versions and will be played out across all channels in the coming months.

Responsible at NZZ: Johannes Boege (Chief Commercial Officer), Johannes Berchtold (Head Customer Marketing & Branding), Nina Wach (Head Branding), Nina Hildebrand (Copywriter) Kerstin Heidrich (Graphic Designer), Nora Brunhart (Senior Marketing Manager), Valerio Cerlito (Head Purchasing). Responsible at Stories: Tobias Fueter (director & edit), Yves Bollag (executive producer), Patrick Viert (concept & idea), Cédric Marville (consulting), Nicole Spring (producer, co-director), Seth Deter (motion design), Adrian Frutiger (sound design, music & mix), Original track "Intrepid" by Brianna Tam, Amelie Plass-Link (voiceover), voice file (sound studio), Edoardo Moruzzi (Head of Postproduction), Stefan Bucher (Postproduction Technical Manager), Luca Colaci (Postproduction Operator), Dominic Rüegg (Postproduction Trainee).

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