TBWA\Zurich: Every form of family is welcome at McDonald's

McDonald's celebrates the family restaurant. A new film by TBWA\Zurich for Gen Z shows that family can be anything today.  

TBWA\Zurich's new Gen Z campaign for McDonald's is based on the following insight: At some point during adolescence, most Gen Z people experience a moment when they no longer feel understood by their parents and traditional family. Friends, new life partners or good colleagues then take over this role - also called "fam." In this phase of life, people feel better understood and choose their own new family.

With more than 170 restaurants throughout Switzerland, the "Golden M" has always been a social meeting place for people of all backgrounds and ages - ever since the first family restaurant opened in Geneva in 1976. "McDonald's has real relevance for Gen Z - as a brand and as a place that stands for bringing people together like no other," says Jean-Guillaume Bertola, McDonald's Marketing Director. That promise, he adds, is even broader today than it was nearly 50 years ago: McDonald's is open to every kind of family - also and especially to those groups that are now lived by Gen Z as "Fam." To this end, the film focuses on a love story and a very classic moment: the first time the family gets to know each other. The plot twist here comes from the zeitgeist: Family means in each case what you yourself understand by family - namely, in this case, the besties.

The film marks the start of a larger Gen Z campaign, which will be further expanded in all relevant channels in just a few months.

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