E-mobility for all and the "R" in focus: Mainland for Ruckstuhl

Mobility for all: What Ruckstuhl Garages has wanted to stand out with for 90 years becomes the brand claim in the "E-Power" campaign. Both the advertising presence and the CI/CD with an iconic figurative mark were created with Festland.

The world of e-cars is attractive, but exclusive, sometimes almost elitist. Not so at Ruckstuhl. Since 1932, the car dealership with locations from Adliswil to Zurich has stood for the best value for money. Today also in terms of e-mobility, thanks to Hyundai as a partner brand. The South Korean trendsetter offers leading e-technology at prices that can be afforded not only on the Züriberg. And with the flagship model Ioniq5, a "Tesla without airs and graces," as Martin Ruckstuhl puts it pointedly. Reason enough for Festland to make this quality of the brand its claim: "Mobility for everyone.

Direct path to the wheel

Presence and tangibility are crucial in the booming market for e-cars. The campaign that Festland designed for Ruckstuhl therefore combines high visibility with a direct route to the wheel. Each advertising medium leads to the landing page of the respective Hyundai model, where users can book their test drive immediately. The media mix, which combines out-of-home and digital in such a way that awareness and performance interact effectively, ensures high visibility. 

One figurative mark and a thousand headlines

The creative concept is as unique as it is versatile, and it will have a lasting impact on the brand's advertising presence. In addition to the current vehicle images, the focus is on concise headlines with the R of the figurative mark as a typographic recognition element. The design team did not have to look far: Ruckstuhl's corporate design also comes from Festland. For Toni Suter, Head of Marketing at Ruckstuhl, the special power of the campaign lies in this unit: "The seamless connection of brand and advertising appearance convinced us immediately, and it opens up quite a few options for the future."

Responsible at Ruckstuhl: Martin Ruckstuhl (Chairman & Delegate of the Board of Directors), Toni Suter (Head of Marketing). Responsible agency: Mainland St.Gallen and Zurich

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