Brinkertlück for Swisscom: target group helps shape campaign

Co-creation in the "blue Space": Brinkertlück Switzerland and GetSomePopcorn worked together with creative people from the target group to create the campaign for Swisscom's new, digital subscriptions called "blue".

With the new "Blue" subscriptions, Swisscom wants to better meet the needs of the digital-savvy target group. With the advantages of the new subscriptions, Swisscom customers are "more ready than ever," it is reported.

Swisscom employees took part in the two-day co-creation workshop together with 25 personalities from all over Switzerland from the fields of comedy, music, dance, culture and design. Under the moderation of Brinkertlück Schweiz, more than 150 creative ideas for the new campaign were developed over these two days.

On the evening of the second workshop day, the Creators' ideas were directly implemented and filmed on the heart of the campaign, the "blue Space", with the help of the production agency GetSomePopcorn.

Swisscom wanted to implement the campaign just as quickly and authentically from the target group. A large part of the campaign ideas developed will be played out via digital channels. The campaign was launched on May 28, 2022, and Swisscom coordinated the planning and digital playout of the advertising media internally. Mediaschneider is responsible for the classic part of the campaign.

"blue Space" present throughout the summer

But this creative process has produced much more than just a campaign: The "blue Space" will be present in many places and at many festivals throughout Switzerland this summer. The idea of giving the target group a stage therefore lives on and will accompany Swisscom blue in the further phases of the campaign.



Client: Swisscom. Agencies: Brinkertlück Switzerland, GSP Get Some Popcorn, Jeff Zurich, Mediaschneider. Photos: Manuel Rickenbacher, Ella Mettler.

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