Axa Women's Super League: Megaposters become bags, backpacks and laptop cases

231 square meters of canvas from the megaposter at Zurich Airport will be recycled into individual pieces that can be purchased on the fundraising platform "I Belive in You" - to benefit the next generation of Axa Women's Super League players.

The first mega-poster for women's soccer in Switzerland, which was still on display at Zurich Airport last fall, was given a second life in collaboration with the Zurich-based association Werkstätte Drahtzug. The association, which offers employment to people with mental disabilities, has handmade the 231 square meters of canvas into bags, backpacks and laptop cases. The unique pieces are available from today on the fundraising platform "I believe in You" and the proceeds from the sale will go entirely to the promotion of young talent at the ten Axa Women's Super League clubs.

Fundraising begins at the same time as the launch of this year's Axa advertising campaign for elite Swiss women's football, following the extension of the partnership with the Swiss Football Association for a further four years at the end of April 2022.


Campaign videos

Link to the Fundraising platform with unique pieces.

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