Schroten tiktokt for Zurich Tourism from the sauna

In nine TikTok films by the Schroten agency, Schroten promotes the city's sauna offerings for Zürich Tourism.

Schroten tiktokt für Zürich Tourismus aus der Sauna

Zurich invites you to relax - in summer and in winter. While in the hot months unique swimming pools offer the opportunity to dive into the cool water, in the cold season numerous saunas offer the possibility to completely switch off. But what good are all these sweat cells if you don't know how to use them properly?

This is what the TikTok campaign by Zürich Tourism and Schroten is all about. In nine short films, the Finn Arttu, known from his adventures in Zurich's nightlife, introduces the art of sauna. Whether on a sauna boat in the middle of Lake Zurich, in the sauna tent on Sechseläutenplatz, on a spontaneous house visit to Mr. and Mrs. Zürcher on Helsinki Sauna Day, or with sausage and a good head of steam in the idyllic city oasis on Zürichberg - everywhere Arttu lives and teaches the sauna culture of his homeland for the TikTok community.

The humorous approach was well received: the films produced in collaboration with Marty/Trezzini - peppered with interactive elements such as voting and competitions and multi-part stories - received over 10,000 likes and a good 350 comments on TikTok.


Sauna with a view on lake Zurich 😍 Which friend would you take on the Saunaboot? #visitzurich #zurich #zurich #swisstok #tiktokswitzerland #switzerland 1TP5Switzerland #traveltok #travel #traveltok

♬ original sound - Zurich Tourism


Part 1 of Arttu looking for some sauna buddies 🧖‍♂️ Would you accept his invitation? #visitzurich #zurich 1TP5Switzerland #swiss #switzerland #travel #traveltok #traveltok

♬ original sound - Zurich Tourism


😎We asked Arttu if he could show us how to sauna in zurich- Finnish style. #visitzurich #zurich #stadtoase#switzerland#sauna#wellness1TP5Switzerland

♬ Original soundtrack - Zurich Tourism

Responsible at Zürich Tourism: Adrian Seitz (Lead Social Media), Nhi Pham (Social Media Manager). Responsible for grist: Adrian Schräder (Creative Direction), Michèle Roten (Text), Leonie Moeri (Project Management). Responsible at Marty/Trezzini: Alix Gerber (project management), Emil Mäder (direction), Tim Rüegg (DOP).

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