Cavalcade stages birthday of banking app Yuh as love affair

With already more than 60,000 "Yuhser:innen" and some innovations, Swissquote and Postfinance celebrate the first birthday of their digital banking app Yuh. Cavalcade created an amorous campaign for the occasion.

For her birthday, Yuh and her agency Cavalcade asked Yuhers of Gen Y and Z why they liked Yuh so much. The answer: Yuh is like dating. Because the customer experience with Yuh feels like a modern love story. The respondents answered: "We press a few buttons, swipe left and right a few times, get to know each other, a little hesitantly at first, then more and more intensively. We do this and that together, and little by little we begin to share our daily lives with each other. We start thinking about our future together, put our savings on the table, and then if things go really well, we might even plan our retirement together."

And it's this love affair that the Yuhniversary campaign celebrates. Dating clichés are portrayed in short online videos and radio spots, OOHs, digital banners, and on social media.

Sonia Milici, Head of Marketing and Sales at Yuh, expresses her delight: "We are very proud of our first year and the success of Yuh. It's a great pleasure to see how our community has come to love Yuh and appreciate it as a loyal companion in everyday life."

David von Ritter, Creative Director at Cavalcade, explains: "Yuh touches the Yuhser*s in a very unique way. Yuh is a partner that accompanies you and that you don't want to let go of. We wanted to represent that with our campaign and address the target group in an equally moving way."

Responsible at Yuh: Sonia Milici, Head of Marketing and Sales; Laila Bogaert, Brand Marketing Manager; Alain Greter, Brand Marketing Manager; and Gloria Masala, Digital Marketing Manager. Responsible at Cavalcade: David von Ritter, creative director; David Lesage, art director; Camille Natalini, graphic designer; Katia Lallart, account manager. Videos: Freestudio Geneva. Video direction: Guillaume Allantaz.

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