Advertising with colors: Joint campaign by Ticino Turismo and Pantone enters second phase

The collab between Ticino Turismo and the Pantone Color Institute, launched and promoted by Zimmermann Communications in spring, met with a response beyond Switzerland's borders. Now the idea is being freshly implemented on posters and social media.

Ticino Turismo and Zimmermann Communications launched the "Colori del Ticino" campaign in spring with a case film and numerous online conversions.

In the second phase of the campaign, the agency is now bringing the idea to the poster with a new implementation. Each of the five new colors was given its own poster implementation by the creative team. The world-famous Pantone chip is enthroned on five high-impact and colorful images of Ticino, which form the basis of the respective color. In the case of the F12 and F24 implementations, the agency even allows the viewer three and two individual subjects next to each other and thus deliberately breaks with the classic poster implementation.

A look at the website and Instagram channel of the Americans shows how convinced Pantone is of the collaboration with the Swiss tourist region. There, the campaign is already being proudly shared as a best-case study. With its 3.3 million Instagram followers, Pantone was also very happy to share the "Colors of Ticino." "It fills us with great joy to watch how both partners collab fill our idea with passion and life," explains the agency.

In addition to the poster campaign and social media activities, the campaign continues to run as a targeted digital campaign on selected platforms. Regularly updated content on the landing page as well as a playful approach to the five colors allows Colori del Ticino to be discovered again and again in surprising ways. For example, by participating in the "Colori del Ticino" contest, which offers interesting prizes and has generated over 1,000 leads for Ticino Turismo so far.

Responsible at Ticino Turismo: Manuela Nicoletti (Director of Marketing). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Sonja Zimmerli (Digital Art Direction), Christoff Strukamp (Text), Rolf Zimmermann (Overall Responsibility, Strategy and Media).

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