"New Travel": Wirz creates reports and portraits for Switzerland Tourism

How will we go on vacation in the future without polluting our environment and surroundings? Switzerland Tourism and Wirz want to answer this question with a series of travel reports and portraits.

Switzerland Tourism wants to make sustainable travel a matter of the heart. The articles will document sustainable travel and the individual's search for a better life, and will show how to harm the social, ecological and economic world as little as possible and also benefit personally.

With "My Swisstainable Journey" is intended to spark a counterculture to mass tourism, without people having to give up the joy of vacationing. The core idea of the documentary format is to show and tell how a Swisstainable Journey can help overcome personal challenges. This makes sustainable travel a personal experience in order to take as many travelers as possible with them - on a new way to discover Switzerland.

Switzerland Tourism explains: "Many tourism marketing organizations are increasingly positioning their countries with the theme of sustainability. But only a few countries can claim to be truly sustainable - Switzerland is one of them: It is one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world. Here, you can experience a high standard of sustainability on your vacation. And that standard has a name: Swisstainable."

"We want to show a new generation of travelers and tourism professionals - we want to show how to travel better and how this leads to maximizing recreation. In this way, we want to inspire others to do the same," says André Hefti, Chief Marketing Officer of Switzerland Tourism.

The documentaries are in use as of now. Sir Mary is responsible for promoting the campaign. In addition to placements in art house cinemas, the spots are also shown as digital TV ads on TV sets. And with contextual placements, the affine target group is addressed in relevant digital environments.

Responsible at Switzerland Tourism: Martin Nydegger (CEO); André Hefti (Chief Marketing Officer); Martin Pally (Head of Campaigns); Florian Roetheli (Head of Content & Partner Marketing); Daniela Chiani (Campaign Manager); Stéphanie Weber (Campaign Manager); Manuela Flattich (Content Manager); Dominic Stöcklin (Head of Media); Natalie Schönbächler (Marketing Distribution Manager); Stephanie Ackermann (Trainee Marketing); Marie Jaquet (Social Media Content Manager); Monika Häfliger (Social Media Content Manager). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Alain Eicher, Jannic Mascello, Florian Siegrist, Elena Knecht, Janina Ulrich, Matthias Fürst (creation); Alex Jordan (strategy); Magdalena Zbiec, Erasmo Palomba (agency producing); Nico Keramaris, Simone Jehle, Ria Breitenmoser, Larissa Braun, Janna Löhr, Eveline Mathis (consulting); Julia Ewers, Fabio Calise (strategy); Oliver Fäs (realization). In charge at Sir Mary's: Fabian Habisreutinger (Partner, Strategy Director Media & Data); Vanessa Habisreutinger (Partner, Director Marketing Technology); Katharina Günther (Senior Media Consultant); Marion Nicolaus (Head of Media Operations & Intelligence); Eticus Rozas (AdTechnology & Programmatic Manager); Maurizio Rugghia (Founder, Managing Partner). Responsible at Tasty Pictures: Tasty Pictures (Film Production): Spencer MacDonald (Director, Editor, Screenwriter); Sean Fee (Director, Editor, Screenwriter); Pascal Duschletta (Producer); Lea Fee (Executive Producer); Fabian Kimoto & Tobias Kubli (Director of Photography); Jero Fähndrich (Editor); Dennis Gnoni Visconti (Editor); Lawrence Greenwood (Composer); Matteo Di Giulio (Composer); Jingle Jungle (Soundtrack).

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