Modissa calls it a day: Mona and Mateo design the fashion house's exit

With a campaign by the agency Mona and Mateo, the Zurich fashion house says goodbye after 80 years.

Modissa macht SchlussIn the summer, Modissa will close its doors forever. This marks the end of an 80-year love affair between fashion-conscious Zurich women and the well-known store at Bahnhofstrasse 74. But until the grand finale in July, there are still plenty of pieces that want to be conquered - with discounts that make the pain of parting bearable.

The agency Mona and Mateo has developed the last campaign for this. With the motto "modissa is calling it a day", the campaign calls for a final rush of love to the six studios on six floors. Hearts are broken and turned into tears. Women will then finally find comfort in the exclusive range, which will be hand-picked, curated and presented until the very end.

The campaign has been in use since May as mailing and display ads, on social media and at the PoS.

Responsible at Modissa: Jean Pierre Kuhn, Elvira Borbély, Ruth Eid. Responsible for concept and implementation: Mona and Mateo.

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