Migros and Wirz "summer" - with a catchy tune

Migros and Wirz turn summer into a way of life. One word is supposed to describe all the wonderful things you can do in summer. It's called "summer.


In the coming weeks, Migros will be summering on all channels and in all facets. Whether TV and online commercials, posters, or assortment-related advertisements: the focus is on the word creation "sommern". In the first phase, there is summering in, but later there is also summering in, summering around, summering off, summering through, and from late summer onwards, there is also a gradual summering out. 

In the opening film, the inhabitants of the Migros cosmos prepare for the upcoming summer. All in their own unique way, but all to the sounds of perhaps the most persistent summer earworm since 1996: "Coco Jamboo" by Mr. President.

We also encounter the same protagonists on billboards, at digital poster sites, and in short bumper ads.

In addition to the classic media, the entire media repertoire is being played in the summer campaign. From the digital summer hub with Badi quiz to the iconic tote bag with Glacé print.

The campaign is on air in different phases until the end of August.

Responsible at Wirz Group: Caspar Heuss, Jannic Mascello, Hannah Züttel, Adrian Busse, Najla Becirovic, Elena Knecht, Nico Schläpfer (creation); Laura Saner (storyline); Erasmo Palomba, Ruwanie Hayoz (agency producing); David Offermann, Laura Schädler (consulting); Hinrich Wittern (strategy); Giovanni Bucca, Thomas Peller, Yussef Serrat, Sonja Jegen, Corinne Räber, Robin Schuler, Oliver Fäs, Karin Gartmann, Flurina Egli, Andrea Bosshard, Elena Braun, Demet Aksakal (media realization). Responsible at Stories AG (film production): Maximilian Speidel (Director); Julien Bourdeille (Director of Photography - Films); Florian Nussbaumer (Executive Producer); Philippa von Wittgenstein (Producer - Post Production); Chenyi Guo (Producer); Edoardo Moruzzi (Post Production); Peter Scherz (Production Design); Pascale Suter (Styling); Erica Büsser, Patrick Kästli (Make-up); Thomas Cervcenca (Editing); Jingle Jungle AG (Sound Recording); Timmo Schreiber (Photography); Janic Halioua (Director of Photography - DOOH). Title song Coco Jamboo: Music and Lyrics: Rainer Gaffrey, Kai Matthiesen, Delroy Rennalls (Hanseatic Musikverlag/Intersong Musikverlag GmbH)

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