Valencia and Coop invite you to chill

The current Coop collection promotion provides leisure articles for leisure and relaxation during the summer days. Valencia Kommunikation provides comprehensive communications support for the collection campaign.

Valencia KommunikationThe Swiss summer of 2022 is supposed to be very relaxed - in line with the motto "Let's chill. That's why the promotion's collectibles invite you to take it down a notch while swimming, playing, or picnicking. They include a sloth air mattress, a colorful beach ball set, and a round beach towel with a mandala design.

Valencia designed the appearance of the promotion including a naming that also functions as a call-to-action and conveys in a TV and online motion picture the desire for a trip to the swimming pool with the whole family.

In line with the 360-degree approach, the range of advertising media covers all touchpoints on the customer journey: at home with a TV spot in various formats, online banners and advertisements, on the move with DOOH moving images, posters and various mobile advertising media, and in the stores with various POS advertising media such as 3-D plates and displays.

The "Let's chill" promotion runs from Friday through July 3, 2022, at Coop and various partner formats.

Responsible at Coop: Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Simon Bohnenblust (Head of Advertising Promotion/Sales Promotion), Gina Anderegg (Project Manager Advertising Promotion/Sales Promotion), Sabine Gnand (Project Manager Advertising Promotion/Sales Promotion), Saara Jeisy (Project Manager Marketing Communication), Joachim von Allmen (Head POS Retail), Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Rieth (Head of Media Classic), Lukas Schmid (Senior Project Manager Digital Media), Florian Lanovic (Head of Social Media & Online Campaigning), Aliza Berndt (Project Manager Social Media / Online Campaigning), Oliver Pursell (Project Manager Social Media), Anja Nowak (Project Manager Online Campaigning). Responsible at Valencia Communication: Tommy Schilling (Creative Director), Iraklis Hungerberg (Senior Account Director), Meret Renggli (Consultant), Lea Bantlin (Trainee Consultant), Sebastian Refardt (Senior Copywriter), Michael Wenk (Art Director), Amadea Waldmann (Graphic Designer), Marco Fritz (Polygraf), Niklas Dunke (Polygraf). Responsible at Shining Film: Stefan Bircher (Producer), Stefan Girtanner (Senior Producer), Jyri Pasanen (Director), Timon Schäppi (Camera), Nicolas Bechtel (Edit), Simon Hardegger (Colorgrading). Responsible at TWmedia: Stephan Küng (Overall Responsibility), Manuela Brunner (Media Planning), Pearl Kathriner (Senior TV Planner), Damiano Vitali (Head of TV), Sven Däschner (Head of Online), Aaron Salzgeber (Digital Campaign Manager), Madeleine Huber-Tröndle (Online Media Planner). Responsible at Hitmill: Fred Herrmann (Composition, Producer), Roman Camenzind (Executive Producer), Noemi Mathis (Project Management). Responsible at Covermedia: Baschi Thommen (audio engineer), Angelina Belintani (production).

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