Triebhaus for Die Mobiliar: Pedal better prepared

In spring 2022, Mobiliar is helping to raise awareness for anticipatory cycling with an online spot and quiz. The national prevention campaign was implemented by Triebhaus Kommunikation.

Cycling enjoys great popularity. Many people get on their bikes not only in their free time, but also on their way to work. While this has a positive effect on the environment and on people's own fitness, it also harbors the potential for accidents. With the national online campaign "Better Prepared", Mobiliar is addressing the highly topical issue of bicycle accident prevention and encouraging cyclists to be better prepared for the journey.

At the center of the prevention campaign is a video clip with two opposing bicycle types as protagonists: a top-equipped female e-biker and a clumsy occasional bicycle rider meet in a neighborhood street and within a few seconds become involved in a fast-paced and humorous story.

The plot twist conveys the message that cyclists - no matter how well equipped - can always be surprised by unexpected dangers. A forward-looking and considerate riding style is just as important for a safe ride.

As a preventive aspect, the quiz on the Campaign website raise awareness for safe cycling in a playful way. The questions are presented by the two bicycle protagonists from the video clip. Those who successfully complete the quiz can win bicycle prizes worth 10,000 Swiss francs in the accompanying raffle.

The video clip will be played out across various online channels, including social media, as part of the branding and performance campaign.

Responsible at the Mobiliar: Nicole Bieri (Marketing Communication Manager), Lorenz Jenni (Head of Brand Leadership & Marketing Communication), Caroline Fricker (University Intern Marketing), Michael von Wartburg (Head of Product Manager Personal Insurance), Christian Winterberger (Product Manager Personal Insurance). Responsible at Triebhaus Kommunikation: Adrian Kiener (consulting, project management), Marika Nygren (art direction), Laura Leist (text), Esther Zimmermann (UX design), Alan Maag (photo). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Timo Bendel (Senior Consultant). Responsible at Dynamic Frame: Natascha Vavrina (Director), Dmytro Nedria (Cinematographer), Luzius Fischer (Executive Producer), Alina Benz (Producer), Daniel Loepfe (Post Production).

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