Farner and Honda test the intelligent driving experience

Farner Consulting realizes the campaign for the latest Honda HR-V e:HEV, which is now available in Switzerland.

The new Honda HR-V e:HEV offers a new kind of driving experience with its hybrid drive. Interested parties can try out how the Honda HR-V feels on our roads directly at their trusted Honda dealer during a free test drive.

Under the motto "Experience Honda HR-V", Farner is raising awareness of the new Honda in a campaign. The films present the hybrid model on the road in Switzerland for the first time. They are used online and address two different target groups and their specific interests.

Sustainability, space and driving pleasure

In the film for young families, the focus is not only on sustainability but also on space and safety in everyday life. In addition to families, the aim is to appeal to modern pragmatists who also value special experiences. In their advertising material, the focus is on the spaciousness of the HR-V and the freedom that the new model will give them.

Responsible at Honda SwitzerlandThierry Leutenegger, Vanessa Favre, Vincent Roch, Anouck Daenzer. Responsible at Farner Consulting: Camille Zuber (project management), Hanja Heuss (creative direction), Pedro Velasquez (art direction), Ennio Cadau, Jan Walser (concept, text), Tjabrina Penazzi, Fabian Sigg (design). Responsible for Polarwind (Production): Director/DOP: Fabian Weber, AL: Alex Biondi, 1st AC: Thomas Hrabovsky, Marius Mahler, 2nd AC / DIT: Cyrill Gsell, Set Design: Atelier Lomann, Gaffers: Raphael Toel, Best Boy: Jakob Wessley, Grip: Nik Delley, Drone/CineCar: Birdviewpictures, Styling: Tatjana Kotoric, H&M: Bassil Vikon, Driver: Oliver Kniel, Editor: Oliver Don, Grading: Florian Wolf, Sound Design: Denis Elmaci, Casting: Laura Rindlisbacher.

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