Wunderman Thompson for HEKS: Helping begins with looking

Wunderman Thompson's current campaign for HEKS, the relief organization of the Protestant Churches in Switzerland, brings the social problems to Corona into the public eye.


The consequences of the Corona pandemic are widening the gap between rich and poor, also in Switzerland. The number of long-term unemployed people has tripled. Precariously employed people and sans papiers have fewer opportunities to earn money. Lonely people have become even lonelier. And all this has gone largely unnoticed by the public. The new campaign for HEKS shines the spotlight on these problems and literally puts them at the center of society.

According to a population survey conducted by HEKS with more than 1000 participants, the respondents think that gastronomy, culture and event industry as well as elderly people and children have suffered the most from the pandemic. The reason may be that the challenges of these populations were very present in the media during the crisis. However, the problems of people on the margins of society are in the "blind spot" of the population because of the lack of touch points and also the lack of media coverage. HEKS' new domestic campaign aims to change this - by making the social consequences of Corona publicly visible and thereby creating solidarity in society.

Spotlight on the social consequences

The campaign shines a spotlight on the problems of people on the fringes of society. And it does so by using a spotlight that exists in the middle of Zurich: The light installation on Heimplatz, where colored light dots scan the surroundings in the evening. At places where the colored points of light move over it, authentic settings were set up that are representative of the problems of those affected. For example, a sparsely furnished kitchen with a refrigerator that often lacks even the most basic necessities. The films bring three touching scenes to the public's attention, as they are currently happening thousands of times throughout Switzerland as a result of the Corona crisis. The urgent message is: Look now and help.

Campaign calls for a closer look

All advertising media lead to the landing page Heks.ch/lookwhere you can find detailed information and personal stories about the respective HEKS projects. Everyone can help to improve the situation of the people affected in Switzerland by making a donation or submitting a petition.

The campaign can now be seen on TV, via online and social media ads, advertisements and posters. In addition, around Refugee Sunday on June 18, 2022, donation flyers, posters, and social media ads will be used to match the campaign.

Responsible at HEKS: Hanspeter Bigler (Head of Communications/Marketing), Brigitte Roth (Head of Marketing/Fundraising), Nina Fink, Andrea Oertli (Domestic Theme Officer). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Swen Morath (Co-CEO), Marika Magnuszewska (AD), Julia Staub (Text), Saskia Kremser (Strategy), Stephan Lanz, Nadine Treier (Consulting), Kim Prinzing (DTP). Shining Film AG x Color Film: Laurent Arber, Florian Brunner (production), Hannah Dobbertin (direction), Elia Grunder (camera), Lea Hättenschwiler (set design), Nicolas Bechtel (editing), Simon Hardegger (color grading), Leonardo Sanfilippo (supervision). Photography: Jonathan Heyer.

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