Transplant Vote: Andy Was Right Helps Get to Yes with TikTok

An organic challenge concept was developed to convert the young target group's above-average positive attitude toward organ donation into a yes vote on the ballot.

Tiktok contributions from model Steven Epprecht (left) and comedian Michael Elsener.

Political communication is now also part of Andy Was Right's repertoire. As part of the national campaign for "Yes to the Transplantation Act" by the Furrerhugi agency, Andy Was Right developed a concept for activating the young target group on TikTok.

Swiss TikTok users were asked to share their reasons for voting yes in a video and to nominate another person. The heart motif used for the general campaign served as a unifying element, which participants metaphorically passed on to each other. In addition to various private individuals, well-known Swiss personalities such as models Steven Epprecht, Comedian Michael Elsener and various young politician:inside TikTok videos.

"Politics has a place on TikTok. However, the message needs to be up and spread in a way that is appropriate for the platform," says Leo Wehrli, Editor-in-Chief of Andy Was Right. "Future voting campaigns will not be able to avoid TikTok." The revision of the transplant law passed on May 15 with more than 60 percent in favor.

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