Webrepublic: "Più Vino" for Bindella

Più Vino Rosato is the name of the first own wine that Rudi Bindella jr. has launched under the new brand Più Vino. The idea for the rosé was developed together with Webrepublic and is another initiative in the strategic target group expansion of the wine and gastronomy company Bindella.

The new Più Vino Rosato: Visual DOOH conceived and implemented by Webrepublic.

With "Più Vino Rosato," the first throw of the new Più Vino brand, Bindella aims to target a younger clientele. This initiative is one of many around the rejuvenation of the brand, which is being created in close strategic collaboration with Webrepublic.

The basis of the long-term partnership between Bindella and the agency is the jointly developed overall strategy. This ranges from market analysis and campaign conception to implementation with measures in the areas of OOH, social media, website, search engine marketing, YouTube and content.

The just launched wine, whose label design also comes from Webrepublic, rounds off the positioning with a younger target group. The product is intended to combine youthful freshness with tradition and quality.

"From label design to the design of the cork, as well as the associated cross-channel campaign including involvement of the target group - this product launch is a wonderful example of how important it is for all channels to work together perfectly online and offline," says Katja Martinello, Head of Creation at Webrepublic.

Responsible at Bindella: Rudi Bindella Jr, Alexander Maycock, Sandra Rapold, Mirco Portmann. Responsible at Webrepublic:  Amanda Possa, Tobias Zehnder, Philipp Poëll, Judith Creutz (Strategy); Katja Martinello, Alena Richter, Simone Lagomarsino (Creation); Pablo Büttikofer, Nicolas Bovet, Bettina Berwanger (Media).

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