Application agency launches bootcamp for job applications

For applications that stand out: The application agency promotes its intensive courses for job seekers with a new campaign. Also new are the logo and the website.

Application is like advertising: the application agency supports job seekers in the conception and realization of applications that stand out from the crowd. With good ideas, great looks and convincing storytelling.

In the intensive courses of the advertising agency, participants work like in a normal advertising agency. They create product and market analyses, write briefings and develop ideas. They make layouts, write texts, take photographs and produce videos. With the small difference that they don't create campaigns for products, but for people.

The services offered by the recruitment agency are aimed at job seekers in marketing, sales, media, IT, communications, design and related fields. For the announcement the application agency launches now the campaign "The Bootcamp for applications".

The new logo and design elements of the application agency are used in course materials and all communication tools. Also, the new website is available at Advertising live.

Overall responsibility: Conny Wehrli. Advice: Cigdem Esme. Website: Wim Lanz. Concept, art direction and photography campaign: Kim Sokola, Peter Rettinghausen. Production: Nadia Leisi. Social Media: Michelle De Oliveira.

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