Airport agency goes for eye-catchers for Easydoo

To draw attention to the Easydoo organization tool, the St. Gallen agency developed a campaign at the airport that focuses on less stressful moments at work.

The Easydoo organization tool developed in Switzerland makes it easier to organize and plan work, coordinate and conduct meetings, and ensure that teams work together more efficiently, all for very little money. In short, the online tool makes the entire office routine easier and thus significantly less stressful.

To publicize Easydoo and its function, the agency at the airport from St. Gallen developed a stress campaign. The measures implemented include a microsite, advertisements, banners, direct mailings, e-mailings and press relations.

Responsible at Easydoo: Andreas Schwengeler (Owner/CEO), Raffaella Graf (COO). Responsible at agency at airport: René Eugster (overall responsibility), Dominique Rutishauser (creative direction), Ketil Eggum (art direction), Miriam Egli (consulting). Photography: Alexander Bayer (Vision Studios).

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