TBWA\Zurich and Coop are on the trail of the Tsch-Tsch myth

Start Ch Ch Ch for the barbecue summer: In a TV campaign that is as diverse as it is imaginative, Coop explores the myths of the origin of "Ch Ch" and thus fires up a legendary barbecue summer. The measures were implemented by TBWA\Zürich.

The sizzling hissing sound "Tsch Tsch" stands for the hotly anticipated kick-off of the barbecue season. But where does "Tsch Tsch" actually come from? Where did it get its start? As is the case with inexplicable things that have become an integral part of our lives, the wildest myths surround the origin of "Tsch Tsch".

Coop, together with the creatives from TBWA\Zürich and the American director Jon Barber, got to the bottom of the most persistent of these in a multi-faceted TV campaign and staged them individually according to their respective periods of origin.

Thus, the myth of the brown bear, which was put to flight in the late 80s by a courageous camper with a spirited "Ch Ch", is told in the look of a Super 8 film camera. The legend of Mungo Jerry, who owes his world hit "In the summertime" to all appearances to the "Tsch Tsch" of a bellows, which at the same time ushered in the birth of the "Tsch Tsch", is told in the grainy look and rich colors of the 70s. The tale of the dragon who, in the dark Middle Ages, brings down two primordial chickens from the sky with purposefully spat "Tsch Tsch" fire blasts is presented as a gripping key scene in an adventure series by DOP Fabian Wagner, who was already behind the camera for Game of Thrones. And the myth of the grilling junior football team that lit its campfire with sulfur sticks about a hundred years ago, thus defining the "Tsch Tsch" sound, is staged as a black-and-white silent film.

The four 25-second stories each dive right into the presumed origin of "Tsch Tsch" and then segue to the present, where delicacies sizzling on a grill bring insight: It doesn't matter where "Tsch Tsch" comes from - what's more important is what goes on the grill.

In addition to TV spots, the campaign also includes bumpers, OOH, DOOH advertising media, banners, ads, carrier bags and POS measures.

Responsible at Coop: Thomas Schwetje (Head of Marketing/Digital Services), Sacha Zuberbühler (Head of Marketing Communications), Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Simon Bohnenblust (Head of Advertising Sales Promotion/Promotions), Benjamin Reiss (Project Manager Advertising Promotions/Sales Promotion), Stephanie Stähli (Project Manager FOOBY), Florian Lanovic (Head Social Media/Online Campaigning), Oliver Pursell (Project Manager Social Media), Lucas Bieler (Project Manager Online Campaigning), Simon Flatt (Head Media), Karin Rieth (Head Media Classic), Lukas Schmid (Senior Project Manager Digital). Responsible at TBWA\ Zurich:  Manuel Wenzel, Susanne Weeber, Jan Krohn, Susanna Fill, Anouschka Tschudi, Naomi Gulla, Nico Hediger, Stefan Orian, Maude Mahrer, Massimo Dalla Palma, Noemi Russenberger (creation), Barbara Waldvogel, Pascal Taboas, Sabrina Iseli (consulting) Toni Rubera, Simona Mink (DTP). Responsible at OnfilmxStories: ECP Michèle Seligmann, Director Jon Barber, Producer Jacqueline Kaassa-Presting, DoP Fabian Wagner, Production Coordinator Jana Oberdörfer, Production Design Peter Scherz, Styling Damaris Eigenheer & Conny Friseli, Make up Erica Büsser, Food Styling Frank Weymann & Peter Schelzig. Postproduction: Edoardo Moruzzi, Storyboard Christian Zogg, Main Edit Kai Kniekamp, Additional Edit Taco Arts. Responsible at Postoffice Amsterdam: Boyo Frederix (Head of VFX), Tom Schuijt, Hendrik Kramer, Ritchy Wattimena, Bram Buddingh, Bram Vleugel, Stijn Sanders, Fraser Keen (VFX), Patski (Colorist). Responsible at HitMill: Fred Herrmann (Music Composer & Producer, Mix), Roman Camenzind (Executive Producer), Noemi Mathis (Project Management). Vresponsible for TWmedia: Stephan Küng (Owner), Damiano Vitali (Head of TV), Sven Däschner (Head of Digital), Manuela Brunner (Consultant). Responsible at Cover Media: Baschi Thommen (Audio Engineer), Angelina Belintani (Production), Stefan Sommerhalder (Audio Video Engineer).



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