Swiss creatives and ADC Switzerland for the people in Ukraine

Under the patronage of ADC Switzerland, Swiss creatives have developed various subjects that call for donations. Supporting the people in Ukraine is an important concern for ADC and the creative industry.

The suffering in Ukraine is unspeakable, especially that of the population. That's why, in addition to solidarity statements, real action is needed. And when it comes to action, it is important that everyone does what she and he can really do. "That's what makes help effective," says Remy Fabrikant when asked, and Frank Bodin, president of ADC Switzerland, adds, "Under the patronage of ADC, we made an appeal among the friends and members of the club to generate creative subjects as a call for donations for war-torn Ukraine. We were heard. The creatives made wonderful subjects, true to our motto: show how it's done." "Quite incidentally, we show that creative ideas collect donations better," adds Remy Fabrikant.

The subjects were given to the poster companies, APG, Clearchannel, and Neo Advertising, who generously supported this campaign. A QR code is integrated on each of the posters: When this is scanned, one lands on a donation page. Here, Zewo-certified organizations are linked to which you can place your donation, which will ultimately help the people in Ukraine.

The creative ones: Dominique Magnusson, Hekuran Avdili, Martin Schmidlin, Junia Geiser, Michael Kunz, Adrian Huwyler, David Hugentobler, Marcus Gossolt Guggenheim, Daphne Abderhalden, Karin Estermann, Walter Tagliaferri, Wolfgang Bark, Remy Fabrikant; Supporters: ADC Switzerland, Gioia Bozzato, Hanna Jackl, Frank Bodin, APG|SGA, Clear Channel, Neo Advertising, Creative without Borders, Jung von Matt Limmat, SibeSiech, Branders, Chill 'n' Flow, Inhalt und Form Werbeagentur LSA, Viu

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