Spina's Civil Voices: This is how ecological ZVV is on the road

The Zurich agency Spinas Civil Voices has implemented new sujets for the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund ZVV (Zurich Public Transport Association) to convey how ecological Zurich's public transport is - and what the consequences will be if we do not reduce our ecological footprint.

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with the ecological footprint. It indicates how much we use the ecosystem and natural resources. The fact is that travel by private car causes a comparatively larger ecological footprint than travel by public transport. In the canton of Zurich, all streetcars, suburban trains and buses together cause just 2.5 percent of the Co2 emissions of total traffic.

In order to demonstrate to the people of Zurich how environmentally friendly the ZVV is, Spina's Civil Voices has developed additional images that can be seen on posters and online these days. The focus of the new images is on three-cheeked kids who once had to live with what we leave them.

Responsible at the ZVV: Lukas Tenger (Head of Marketing), Peter Schilde (Marketing, Communications). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Steph Huwiler, Matthias Freuler (creation), Tullio Tomasini (consulting), Nicolas Stark (moving image), Simon Opladen (photography), Youri Laubscher (image retouching).



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